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PPC stands for pay-per-click. PPC is a form of online marketing where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads. 

The most common form of PPC advertising is through search engines, such as Google Ads, where advertisers bid on keywords and their ads appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) when those keywords are searched for. 

PPC advertising can also be done through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and through display advertising on websites.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • The difference between PPC, SEM and SEO
  • How PPC works
  • Why PPC is important
  • PPC strategy and campaign planning
  • Top PPC platforms
  • Types of PPC ads
  • How to learn more about PPC

Though these three terms get used interchangeably, there is a difference between PPC, SEM (search engine marketing), and SEO (search engine optimization). 

SEM is an umbrella term that encompasses PPC but is not limited to only this form of advertising. It references activity that intends to improve how easy it is to find a website through a search engine. SEM is both paid and unpaid, PPC, or organic traffic (SEO). 

PPC is online advertising that works with search engines and other channels such as video ads (YouTube) and image ads (Instagram/Facebook).

Search engine optimization (SEO), is a method of optimizing a website’s content and structure to make it more visible to search engines. This is done by researching and using relevant keywords, optimizing meta data, creating quality content, and earning links from other websites. The goal of SEO is to improve a website’s organic (non-paid) search engine rankings and drive traffic to the website through organic search results.

PPC advertising works by allowing advertisers to bid on specific keywords or phrases that they want their ads to appear for in search engine results. When a user searches for one of those keywords or phrases, the advertiser’s ad will appear among the top results. The advertiser is then charged a fee each time a user clicks on their ad.

Advertisers create campaigns that target specific demographics, interests, locations, etc. They will set a maximum bid for the keywords they want to target.

The search engine will then use a complex algorithm to determine which ads to show and in what order. The algorithm takes into account factors such as the:

  • Advertiser’s bid amount
  • Relevance of the ad to the keyword
  • Quality of the ad
  • PPC strategy and campaign planning
  • Top PPC platforms
  • How to learn PPC

This form of advertising can also be done through social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

PPC should be considered an asset, not a marketing expense. 

In 2022, PPC brought in an average of $2 for every $1 spent, with an average cost per click (CPC) of $1.16. And while social media is still a popular place to advertise, 40% of ad spend in 2020 was spent on search (73% of that going to Google). 

PPC offers several benefits not found with SEO or social media, including:

  • Quick results: PPC advertising can drive traffic to a website almost immediately, whereas SEO can take time to show results. Platforms usually approve ads the same day, providing maximum exposure almost immediately. This could be a text ad via Google search, an image ad through Instagram, or even a video featured on YouTube. Using multiple platforms in different formats can increase your brand’s visibility.
  • Reach your targeted audience: PPC advertising allows marketers to target specific demographics, interests, and location, which helps to reach the right audience. You can even target individuals based on their behaviors and interests; social media sites like Facebook can help you get your ad to the group that’s likely to convert into a sale.
  • Measurable: PPC advertising provides measurable results. It allows marketers to track conversions, return on investment (ROI), and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Cost-effective: PPC advertising can be more cost-effective than traditional advertising methods, such as television or print ads, since marketers only pay when a user clicks on their ad, and they can set a budget for their campaign.
  • Branding: PPC advertising can help to increase brand awareness. Even if users don’t click on the ad, they may still see it and remember the brand.
  • Complementing SEO: PPC can be used to supplement SEO efforts. While SEO focuses on increasing organic traffic, PPC can be used to drive immediate traffic to a website while SEO efforts are still ongoing.
  • Track your goals: Tools such as Google Analytics can help you track your goals. See how your ads are performing in real-time, and decide what needs to get done to reach your goals more efficiently.
  • Reputation management: PPC can be used to bid on keywords matching a reputation event and directed to a landing page directly addressing the matter so you can control the narrative, instantly and professionally.

Overall, PPC advertising offers a cost-effective and measurable way to reach a targeted audience, generate leads and sales, and ultimately increase brand awareness.

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As the best PPC company in Pune, we specialize in Google Ads campaigns that maximize your online visibility and drive qualified traffic to your website. Our PPC marketing strategies focus on optimizing your ad spend, improving click-through rates, and boosting conversions. Partner with Edigital Growth for exceptional results.

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Our social media advertising services in Pune covers targeted campaigns on platforms like Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Linkedin. As a leading social media marketing agency, we leverage data- driven strategies to optimize your reach, engage your target audience, and drive measurable results. Partner with us for impactful social media marketing in Pune.

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Edigital Growth is one of the best native advertising agencies, seamlessly integrating your brand's content within relevant publisher websites. Our native advertising strategies blend in naturally with the user experience, enhancing brand awareness and engagement. Experience the power of native advertising for effective audience targeting and increase brand exposure.

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Through our advanced strategies and data insights, we maximize performance marketing results, empowering your business with sustainable growth.

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In our performance marketing services, we begin by conducting thorough research to understand your target audience, industry trends, and competitors. This research forms the foundation of our strategies and helps us identify opportunities for growth and success.

#02 Strategize

Based on the research, we develop a comprehensive performance marketing strategy tailored to your business goals. Our experts leverage their expertise in various channels and platforms to create a strategic plan that maximizes your ROI and drives meaningful results.

#03 Execution

With the strategy in place, we execute your performance marketing campaigns with precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s social media advertising, Google Ads, or native advertising, we ensure that every element is optimized to deliver optimal performance and meet your objectives.

#04 Measurement

We closely monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns to track key metrics and analyze the results. Through advanced analytics and reporting, we provide you with valuable insights into the effectiveness of your performance marketing efforts.

#05 Optimization

Continual optimization is a crucial aspect of performance marketing. We analyze the data, identify areas of improvement, and make necessary adjustments to enhance the performance of your campaigns. Our goal is to constantly refine and optimize your strategies for better outcomes.

#06 Reporting

Transparent reporting is an integral part of our performance marketing services. We provide regular reports that showcase the progress of your campaigns, highlight key metrics, and offer actionable insights. These reports serve as a valuable resource for tracking your success and making informed decisions.

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Performance marketing plays a crucial role not only in urgent and short-term campaigns but also in long-term endeavors. Its effectiveness depends on the specific goals and nature of your business. If your aim is to achieve a higher number of conversions within a limited timeframe, performance marketing proves to be the ideal approach. However, it can also be harnessed for long-term campaigns, providing sustained results and ongoing growth. Ultimately, the choice of utilizing performance marketing should align with your business objectives, enabling you to capitalize on its potential for driving tangible and measurable outcomes.

A performance marketing agency is a specialized entity that focuses on driving measurable results for businesses through various digital marketing strategies. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, performance marketing agencies prioritize outcomes and tangible metrics such as conversions, leads, and sales. These agencies employ data-driven approaches, leveraging channels like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, and social media advertising to deliver targeted and measurable results. By tracking and analyzing campaign performance, they optimize marketing efforts to maximize return on investment (ROI). For businesses seeking to achieve specific performance goals and enhance their digital presence, seeking assistance from the best performance marketing agency can provide expert guidance, strategic planning, and effective execution of performance-driven campaigns.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the marketing technique of promoting a business through paid advertisements displayed on search engine results pages. Edigital Growth strives to offer top-notch search engine marketing services in Pune. Advertisers bid on keywords that users typically enter on search engines like Google and Bing when searching for specific products or services. This bidding process enables advertisers to display their ads alongside search results, providing users with essential information like pricing and reviews at a glance. The greatest advantage of search engine marketing lies in its ability to target motivated customers who are actively seeking to make a purchase. This unique feature sets it apart from other advertising mediums, making SEM an efficient and highly effective strategy to enhance brand visibility and achieve results for relevant search queries. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads, available in various formats, are commonly used in search engine marketing campaigns.

Search engine marketing (SEM) enhances your company’s visibility on search engines when customers search for industry-related phrases. One common method is through sponsored listings in the “sponsored” section of search engine results. Pay-per-click (PPC) is a popular form of sponsored search, where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Trusted companies and ad agencies like Edigital Growth, known for their expertise in search engine marketing in Pune, utilize SEM to drive targeted traffic to specific sections of their websites. Depending on your goals, you may need to make minor or major changes to your website. When deciding between organic or sponsored search (or both), consider your short and long-term objectives. While organic search rankings require time to improve, sponsored search campaigns can be initiated immediately. It’s essential to consider factors such as desired traffic levels, budget, and overall marketing goals. Weighing the pros and cons will help you determine the best search approach for your business.